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Visualize Your Ideal Work Day

By Meaghan Marshall, Oct 9 2013 11:00PM

By visualizing your ideal or fantasy work day, you gain valuable insight to assist you in developing your career plan and career goals. This exercise will increase your self-understanding and help you to identifying work preferences and priorities. With this knowledge, you will be better able to meet your priorities when career planning and job searching.

Take time to visualize your ideal work day. Don’t be constrained by realities or negative self-talk, simply imagine the perfect work day for you. Imagine and record answers to the following questions:

• What time do you wake up?

• What do you wear to work? Describe your clothes.

• What time do you leave for work?

• How did you get to work? How long does did it take?

• Where is your work? (city, home, office, outdoors, etc)

• Describe your place of work. What do you see there?

• What kind of work do you do?

• What are your work hours?

• What do you get paid?

• What are the benefits?

• How do you begin your day? What are the first things that you do?

• Do you plan your work day or does someone else plan your day?

• Do you work alone or with others?

• What skills will you use today?

• What do you work with? (people, data, nature, machinery, tools)

• Whom do you work with? Describe your coworkers

• Who do you report to?

• What do you like about your work?

• What passions, interests or values are part of your work?

• How do you feel at the end of your work day?

Review your answers and consider which aspects of your ideal work day are necessary, optional or a bonus.

Once you have determine the necessities you have a clearer understanding of your priorities and what you are looking for in a career and job opportunities. Keep this in mind when evaluating your options.

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Oct 12 2013 10:08PM by Meghan

Great post. Very informative information for individuals who want to develop their career plan and goals.

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