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The 2015 Resume: What Your Resume Should Look like in 2015

By Meaghan Marshall, Jan 1 2015 12:35PM

Every so often an article emerges declaring the death of the resume. This idea has in fact been circulating for a while; the death of the resume was first hinted at back in 1970 by Richard Bolles in his famous book What Color Is Your Parachute? I think it is safe to say that the Resume will not be disappearing in 2015. It is true though that the resume is evolving. So what should your 2015 resume look like?

1. Concise, targeted and written specifically for the position you are applying.

The fact is that most recruiters still ask that you apply using a resume. They do not request a URL to your LinkedIn profile or rely on a snoop around your social media accounts. Why? One reason is that a recruiter will still be utilising applicant tracking systems to complete an initial screen of applicants. The process of resume screening fits with this existing technology. Secondly, a busy recruiter wants to quickly see exactly how a potential candidate matches the requirements of their role. A well written resume more successfully does this than a broad and expansive work history as provided in a LinkedIn profile.

Your resume in 2015 should therefore be written for this purpose, to clearly and concisely demonstrate how you specifically match the requirements of the role you are applying. You will not have one resume. Instead you should be updating your resume each time you apply for a position. You will write using keywords selected for the purpose of screening and include your best evidence as to why you’re qualified for that specific position.

2. Integrated with your online profile.

It wasn’t long after I created my website at the beginning of 2013 that I wrote about creating a professional online presence on this blog. Now two years later a professional online presence is even more important. In 2015 your resume should form one part of your overall personal branding strategy and represent just one tool you use to promote yourself. Your resume should be integrated with other online tools, especially your LinkedIn profile. A professional online presence, including a quality LinkedIn profile, should reinforce the content of your resume and provide additional insights and evidence of your personality, skills and experience to create a complete picture.

3. Fluff free

I have written many times on this blog and advised almost every time I review or write a resume the need to reduce the fluff. A resume in 2015 should be cliché free, avoid common buzzwords and phrases. Instead use straightforward language and quantified achievement statements to demonstrate skills.

4. Perfectly presented, making use of visual features.

I see many resumes that include a claim of proficiency with Microsoft Word, but the document itself is presented terribly. You should have no errors in formatting and create something visually appealing. Don’t list Microsoft Word as a skill; rather impress with a perfectly presented resume that shows you know word processing.

In 2015 you should also be adding to the presentation of your resume and setting it apart with visual features. The infographic resume has been around for some time and is becoming more mainstream however is not the right approach for most people. Somewhere in between the infographic resume and your plain black and white resume is a resume that uses visual elements including charts, graphs, colour, call-out boxes and breakaway text to increase visual appeal and impact. These techniques are more applicable to a greater range of professions and a great way to show creativity and stand out.

Extra: Include a Testimonial

Another feature you may like to include on your 2015 resume is a testimonial or quote from your previous manager or other key individual. Having a third party verify claims in your resume can add credibility.

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