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Guide to Linkedin Etiquette: Tips for Minding Your Manners on Linkedin

By Meaghan Marshall, Jan 12 2015 11:00AM

The guiding principle for using LinkedIn and the one thing you ultimately need to remember is that LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Keeping the purpose of professional networking in mind means 1. You should always keep it professional and 2. Focus on networking; maintaining professional relationships with others for the purpose of mutual benefit.

So basically, keep it professional and aim to provide benefit and value in your interactions and you can’t really go wrong.

This in mind here are some specific tips:

1. Personalise Invitations to Connect

LinkedIn provides a basic default message when you opt to connect, it reads “I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Good etiquette means personalising the message you send. Not only is this polite practice but you will also improve your response rate.

2. Don’t Ask Directly for a Job

As indicated your main goal on LinkedIn should be professional networking. Don’t ask for a job directly rather engage in networking; market yourself well with a great profile and demonstrate your skills, knowledge and expertise and willingness to share information. This approach will be more successful than just asking for a job.

3. Ask for Recommendations from People you Know

Request recommendations from people who really know you and your work. Always customise requests with a polite note and a summary of the accomplishment and qualities you would like to see included. Always follow up with a thankyou.

4. Turn off notifications when updating your profile

This is especially important if you are making multiple changes. It will be irritating for your contacts to receive notifications of all changes you have made.

5. No Personal updates

LinkedIn should be kept professional always. Keep personal updates for less formal social media.

6. Don’t overshare and always share helpful and informative content

Avoid posting more than one status update per day. When you do share content make sure it offers value to your connections and especially don’t just push your own content.


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