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9 Ways Your Resume is Revealing Your Age

By Meaghan Marshall, Jun 8 2013 02:44AM

Most people are aware that it is not necessary or advisable to include your date of birth on your resume. Despite not including your date of birth you still may be inadvertently revealing your age through outdated resume practices or providing too much information. Unfortunately age discrimination does occur. Here we provide nine ways your resume is revealing your age and how to fix.

1. Oversupply of Contact Details

Multiple phone numbers make a resume look dated. One contact number where a message can be left is sufficient. Including a fax number is unnecessary.


State simply your mobile number and email address.

2. Outdated Formatting

Your first resume probably had dates on the left. This is not how it's done it anymore. Instead lead with more important information like position title or company name.


Update your resume formatting. Ensure employment dates are to the right after company name or position time.

You may receive advice to disguise your years of experience with a functional resume format. Don’t listen. Employers do not like functional resumes. See: The Functional Resume and why you shouldn’t Use One

3. Dates of Education

The dates of your education provide the biggest clue to your age. Most people trying to establish the age of an applicant will quickly work out the maths based on your education section.


Leave dates off your education. If you have been in the workforce for many years your experience will be of most relevance.

4. Age defining clichés

They may have once been resume buzz words but are they now tired and cliché. Overused phrases lack impact and can be age revealing for example “seasoned professional.”


Replace overused phrases with specifics. Use concrete examples of your professional achievements to demonstrate your skills.

5. Objective Statements

Objective statements are outdated and ineffective. Terribly written, objective statements tend to be very vague and focus on what the candidate wants from the organisation. See: Ditch the Objective Statement


Replace your objective statement with a Personal Branding Statement or Qualifications Summary.

6. Providing a Complete Work History

Your early job experiences are probably very different from the type of work and level you perform at today. Potential employers are going to be most interested in what you did recently.


As a general rule go back only 10 to 15 years unless you have significant achievements before that.

7. Listing Common Skills

Most people today have a good familiarity with MS Word, Outlook or similar. You are not demonstrating that you have kept up to date with technology listing out dated equipment, programs, and tools.


List only specialized software or newer technologies.

8. Following the One Page Rule

A resume does not need to be just one page. This is an out of date rule. Following this rule when you have many years of experience will result in editing down your resume to include very little.


Forget the one page rule. It is perfectly acceptable to have more than one page for your resume, especially for someone with many years of experience. Your resume should be concise and focused but the rule you should follow is to include only information relevant to the role you are applying. If you have many years of experience focus on your most recent position.

9. Including References

References are not required at the screening stage of the recruitment process. Including references or the phrase references available on request is unnecessary. The reality is that a lot of background checking is now conducted online.


Remove references from your resume. Focus instead on cultivating a professional online presence.

See: 10 tips for Creating a Professional Online Presence

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